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With years of experience between our founders, Global Infocom is a professional company that provides state of the art IT solutions in the UK and Ireland. We are the ONE STOP SHOP for all your IT requirements.

What matters most to your business? In our opinion, efficiency and profits!! Global Infocom works with all its clients to do just that. We take away all your stress for your operations because we do it economically and perfectly!!

With more than 165 regular clients working with us our team now has the knowledge and expertise to tailor make packages to suit your needs. Whether you require a new website, a web application, a new CRM, back office support or you have any other software needs we are here to help.

Being one of the most successful IT solution company and the fact that we are consistently growing you should feel comfortable in choosing us anyway, however, they mean nothing if we can’t provide your company with a solution to your IT problem.

Global Infocom has a very simple philosophy – if we can’t increase reliability while reducing your costs, we haven’t solved your problem! Our main concerns before we decide if we can help you are 1; Can we save you money, 2; Can we increase reliability and performance within your IT department? If we are a 100% confident we can overcome both these challenges we proceed.

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