Cloud Computing Solutions

At Global Infocom, we provide grill covers here a wide range of Cloud Computing Services. Cloud Computing is the latest in computing technology and by becoming a cloud computing business it can change the way your company works for the better. Many companies around the globe have realised the benefits of cloud management and the ease with which they can be achieved. Click here to read more about cloud computing.

Optimising your cloud management through Microsoft Office 365 means that you can ensure all your emails and documents are securely stored on the cloud and are accessible at all times. Office 365 offers the very latest in cloud computing business solutions.

Cloud Computing with Windows Intune allows your IT service providers to remotely manage, upgrade and protect all your users PC’s in a secure and safe manner. Windows Intune provides a safe and secure cloud computing option for businesses.

As a Microsoft Cloud Accelerated Partner, you know you’re in good hands with Global Infocom when switching to the Cloud.


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