Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 introduces businesses to cloud computing solutions. With Microsoft Office 365 your employees get the productivity and collaboration tools they want, while your cloud IT services use a single administration console to manage features, policies and monitor service health from virtually anywhere, with one easy-to-use cloud IT service. On top of that, Microsoft Office 365 comes with the security, 24×7 support and reliability you expect from Microsoft. Most leading companies and organisations are employing cloud computing solutions, using Microsoft Office 365 to connect different elements of their businesses in a safe, secure and speedy manner. View Concern’s Office 365 experience here.

Safe and secure

With Office 365 your data is safe, thanks to robust disaster recovery capabilities, globally-redundant backups, and extensive privacy features. Also, your users are highly protected against spam and viruses with filters.

  • Office 365 safeguards your data with enterprise-grade reliability, continuous data back-ups, disaster recovery capabilities, globally-redundant data centres, and a strict privacy policy.
  • Get the peace of mind that your services are available and highly protected 24/7 with an industry-leading, financially-backed 99.9% up-time guarantee.
  • Microsoft Exchange Online with built-in Forefront Online Protection for Exchange email protection. Your users are highly protected from viruses, spam and phishing attacks with our multi-engine antivirus and multi-layered spam technologies


IT is in control

Office 365 provides easy-to-use, cloud-based management tools in a single location.


  • Give everyone access to the information they need, while maintaining proper level of control of sensitive information.



In the cloud, on premises, or both

For larger businesses with even more advanced IT needs, Office 365 enables you to get cloud computing services on your terms with flexible deployment options. Migrate to Microsoft Office 365 at your own pace or setup your deployment to meet specific compliance, security or operational needs.



    • Take advantage of hybrid capabilities that let you put some users on Office 365 and keep others on-premises, maintaining a unified directory and seamless calendaring.


  • Use advanced features like email archiving, multi-mailbox search, role-based access control, and legal hold to help your businesses stay in compliance.



  • Automate email and document retention by setting up policies that help retain critical information while reducing the expense and risk associated with storing information beyond its useful life.



  • Integrate line of business applications with Office 365 using Exchange Web Services and remote PowerShell.



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