Server Virtualisation

virtualisation since 2008. Server virtualisation is for any business that has more than 1 Server. It works, it’s here, and it saves you money.

Linking Server virtualisation to cloud computing means you can have an IT system with the reliability of an enterprise system for a fraction of the costs. At Global Infocom we blend cloud computing and local systems to deliver technology that works hard for a business – technology that just works.

The benefits of virtual servers:

  • Server Virtualisation could save you money and make your system better.
  • Virtual Servers reduce the cost of running and maintaining your IT system.
  • If you are planning on replacing your servers then a virtual server will save you significant capital expenditure.

Ask yourself the following:

    1. Have you got more than 2 servers?
    2. Have you invested in servers in the past 3 years?

  • Do you need to buy a new server at the moment?




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