Business IT Services

At Global Infocom, our overall focus is to provide an expert quality business IT support service to organisations with any number of users. With technology constantly evolving and new software and products continuously being updated, we understand the importance of keeping on top of your business IT systems. Businesses that do not put an emphasis on their IT systems get left behind and fall out of the loop.

Global Infocom takes your IT system into our own hands, which allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. By looking after your business IT services, Global Infocom ensure that you are constantly up to date with the latest technology. You can leave the technology side of business to us and when upgrades or changes are required we will provide you with the most cost effective and efficient solutions to keep your business IT system up to date.

No IT job is too big or too small for Global Infocom. Whether it’s something as large as migrating your company to the cloud, or even something as simple as fixing a printer, Global Infocom will provide you with a high quality IT support service form our highly trained expert engineers.

For new businesses joining Global Infocom, we will carry out a complete IT assessment of your current business IT system and see what we can implement or update to make your IT system more efficient. Some of the more consistent issues we are seeing are;

Issue 1: Businesses using multiple on-site servers to store data. This means that companies are paying more on maintenance charges and energy costs to run the servers. Also these servers take up unnecessary storage space.

Resolution: By virtualising your servers, Global Infocom can reduce the amount of physical servers you have on site. This will greatly reduce your maintenance and energy costs. Another solution is cloud computing with online servers. By migrating all your information to “the cloud”, it replaces the need for physical servers. Storing all your information on online servers means that Global Infocom can safely and securely manage this information and, through online backup, we can ensure that your business experiences as little downtime as possible in the event of any data loss.

Issue 2: Individual business users cannot easily collaborate and share information with each other, especially while not in the office. People working off-site need to return to the office to get the latest version of a document from their desktop, or need to come back to the office just for that 30 minute meeting.

Resolution: By utilising the features of cloud computing with Microsoft Office 365, people within the business can access a shared network of documents and information from anywhere, at any time. With Sharepoint, a feature of Office 365, users can access files and documents from any device via the Internet. Users are not required to be within a particular network and therefore do not need to return to the office to get the latest information. Lync Online, another feature of Office 365, provides video conferencing and instant messaging between multiple users in any location. This allows groups within the business to instantly communicate with each other, brainstorm and share ideas, without having to be in the same room.

Issue 3: When an IT support issue arises, it can often take up to an hour for a business to be contacted by their IT support provider. Sometimes, the issue isn’t resolved immediately and an engineer is required on site, which increases the amount of down time the user is experiencing.

Resolution: To ensure that our clients have as little downtime as possible, we offer a 30 minute service level agreement option as part of an IT maintenance contract. This means that within 30 minutes of your issue being reported we will have an engineer looking after it. Our initial support service will be over the phone or remote access to your PC or laptop, and we would hope to have your issue resolved within that initial call. We will only send an engineer out to the site if we feel it is completely necessary and the issue cannot be resolved remotely, as we are aware that travel time only means more downtime for you

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