Virtualisation Technology

Basic Idea:

Virtualisation Technology allows you to make a terminal server think it’s more than one physical server. You can “trick” the terminal server into becoming a virtual host server which runs at the same capacity of up to 24 servers, at the same time. Virtualisation IT services work. We know, we have over 100 clients using it today. Global Infocom’s original key focus was around Virtualisation IT services. If you are in a business with more than one server, speaking to us could make a huge difference. We work with companies large and small and use virtualisation technology to reduce the number of servers that are installed. But not only that, it also allows businesses to implement IT disaster recovery, almost for free* Global Infocom use  virtualisation technology to make small business more efficient. There are huge energy savings, huge space savings, and huge hardware savings. But savings is the least important part. Virtualisation delivers a much more stable, reliable and flexible IT system. We have successfully reduced companies from five to one virtual host server and others from as much as twenty four to two. You may argue, “Does this not put all your eggs in one basket?”, but in fact, one server runs the whole business and a second one can be a replica. Therefore, your 24 servers can be reduced to 1, maintaining the same capacity, and a second one is used as backup. Reducing your 24 servers to only 2! (*For a company with 2 or more servers, Servers must be virtualisation ready.)    

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