Online Servers

Global Infocom Systems provide online servers for cloud computing and online storage. This enables business to store critical applications from their office to a safe and secure online server. We then connect these

online servers back to the office so the user experience doesn’t change. Online storage also allows for complete data storage and file back up, so that all your companies information is stored in a safe and secure location. Data storage and backup means that your companies files will be securley stored and always accessible. Traditional servers allow for speedy local access, but are difficult to remote access from mobile devices or from different locations. Online servers allow all users, whether they’re on the move or in different locations, to access the online storage at any time.

Benefits to your Business

Reduce Costs – By replacing existing terminal servers and moving to online servers, businesses can save money by reducing administrative costs. Typically, the expenses and costs to operate through online servers is five times less than the costs of server software, maintenance and resources required to run a terminal server solution.

Anytime, anywhere – All users can access the online storage via an internet browser, so whether they’re on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, the stored files can be obtained, allowing for greater productivity and business management.

 Always Secure – Even with offsite servers, their is still a risk that these servers can be damange. Think about the businesses in New Orleans that stored their data in a local offsite server. During the hurricane, both their terminal server and offsite server would have been destroyed and all data would be lost. By storing data on an onlline server, it means that your information is always safe and secure. Global Infocom Systems also provide an Online Backup service. This allows businesses to regularly back up their files to an online server, meaning that all data is regularly updated and stored in a remote location.  

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