Online Backup

Online backup simply provides peace of mind, knowing every night or every hour your data backup is transferring your files over the Internet to a safe and secure online server. Online backup provides a secure location for data backup. Online storage and data recovery means you can recover from a failure of IT, damage or fire, without losing data.

Depending on the needs of the business, Global Infocom partner with different IT suppliers to bring you the best online backup solution. It is never a case of one size fits all, the important thing about any data backup is to ensure that you are:

a) Backing up all the data that you need
b) The backup is working every night

Benefits of Online Backup to your Business

Automated online backupensures that there is no human error factor in the back up process. With manual server backup, an individual is required to swap the backup tapes and store them in an offsite location. This is often done less frequently and is more costly than an automated online backup. With regular online backups being carried out, you are ensuring that important business data and information is regularly stored in an 

online server. If your business experiences data loss, due to IT failure or damage, all your information will be stored in an online server and data recovery will enable you to restore all your lost information. This will ensure minimum downtime in the event of such failures or damages.  

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