IT Assessments

Global Infocom Systems will frequently carry out free IT Assessments for all our clients and indeed potential clients. An IT audit involves a qualified Global Infocom Engineer travelling to your business and carrying out a comprehensive IT

IT assessment the engineer will then prepare a brief report on the “health” of your systems. With this IT analysis report, Global Infocom will then recommend changes, improvements or efficiencies where necessary to reduce problems with your systems, speed up your computers and eliminate wasted clutter from your office. Possibly the greatest benefit of an IT assessment is that changes are often recommended which can improve your systems while also saving you money. One example might be reducing the number of on-site servers by “Virtualising” existing servers to carry out multiple functions. Removing a server can save money on electricity, maintenance and capital costs. Whether you are an existing client with Global Infocom, or a new customer looking for a competitive quote, call Global Infocom today on (01) 293 6936 and book your IT Audit to find out how stable and reliable your IT system is.  

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